Industrial Pump Noise Control - Acoustic Enclosures

We design and supply acoustic pump enclosures for industrial pump noise control. Whether for the manufacturing, process or conversion industry sectors, we have the experience to deliver a complete noise control solution for Original Equipment Manufacturers.

We work in partnership with you to develop a solution which meets your needs. Our focus is to deliver across these key areas;

Meet the acoustic specification and Noise Regulations

Deliver on operational performance across safety, quality, cost and programme

Integration of the OEM machinery, ensuring its performance is not compromised

Building a strong working partnership with long term benefits

Our dedicated OEM Team understands industrial pumps and the requirements of manufacturers. We ensure the noise mitigation solutions that enclose or augment your equipment will maintain its intended functionality. Our mission is to ensure the quality and performance of the packaged noise control solution exceeds your expectations. You can read more on how we manage that process of development on our OEM Solutions page.

Please view our acoustic enclosure animation to visualise how we bring complex noise control and engineering design together to support your business needs;

Industrial Pumps - Modular Acoustic Enclosure

Pump Noise Source - Noise Mitigation

Industrial pumps typically have a noise level of approximately 110dB(A), the intention in this example is to reduce that noise level to 75dB(A) @ 1 meter, or compliance with the Noise at Work Regulations. The pump-set used is an in-line pump with a high-powered motor, which creates vibration in addition to the high noise level. We also provide vibration isolation mounts to control the structural borne noise into the surrounding areas, as part of the wider noise and vibration solution.

The structure, panel specification and build sequence of the acoustic pump enclosures is designed to suit your specific pump equipment and associated source noise control requirements. Depending on the enclosure size, a series of structural steel members and joiners for the acoustic wall and ceiling panels form the modular enclosure. Acoustically compatible doors and windows can be incorporated along with access ports for maintenance, repair and overhaul. Larger removable acoustic panels can also be provided to facilitate the removal of the complete pump-set if necessary.

The internal surfaces of the enclosure are absorptive to control the reverberation build-up. Failure to do this will mean the source noise level within the enclosure will increase, resulting in a higher than anticipated external noise level.

A ventilation system provides air circulation complete with acoustically treated penetrations for pipework etc. OEM control systems are integrated for external access, ensuring operations are unhindered while maintaining noise protection and safety for personnel. Safety systems are also incorporated including task and emergency lighting, alongside fire suppression systems.

The ventilation system is designed to ensure that there is sufficient airflow through the enclosure to cool the pump-set and maintain its ideal operating temperature. Air is ducted into the enclosure, discharged at low level, dissipated and then extracted at high level, through extract fans and ducting. Aerodynamic attenuators are incorporated into the system to maintain the acoustic integrity of the enclosure.

The complete enclosure is then tested and certified to BS EN ISO 11546-2:2009 ensuring when the pump-set is operational, it will achieve 75dB(A) @ 1 meter as specified. With the pump noise control solution implemented, further benefits include;

– Noise at Work compliance

– Personnel safety and welfare enhanced

– Prevention of hearing loss

– Improved working environment

– Reduction in overall facility noise level

Wiltech Acoustics has a deep understanding and capability to deliver high performance industrial pump noise control solutions to satisfy most criteria. We can even provide acoustic pump enclosures of enhanced design and performance above the standard configuration shown in this example.

Please get in touch to review your project specific noise reduction requirements.

Industrial Pump Noise Control Solutions

Understanding of Requirements for Pump Noise Control

Whether your industrial pump is of axial, centrifugal, impeller, a vertical or horizontal design, we are able to design and engineer an effective noise mitigation enclosure package to manage your noise and vibration problems.

Our in-house engineering teams use a variety of disciplines to ensure the whole packaged solution and associated integrations works as a combined system. We use CFD Design for aero and thermodynamic elements to assess and manage the impact of the noise control solution on the original pump-set and systems.

Our CadnaA noise prediction software helps us calculate, assess and model environmental noise from the source equipment. This enables us to give you detailed insight into the design options and subsequent impacts of adjustments to the overall acoustic performance.

Our structural steel analysis to Eurocode standards ensures structural integrity and finite element analysis for reliability of the structure and any surrounding elements directly associated with it.

Working with your team we bring our experience and knowledge from the noise control sector to deliver a customised acoustic pump enclosure solution to your industrial pump equipment. Our ethos is to build a long-term effective partnership to our mutual benefit.

Industrial Pumps - Acoustic Enclosure Design

Our end-end design, engineering and manufacturing process facilitates a huge amount of scope for variation and custom features in our pump noise control solutions for industrial pumps.

Our solution as represented in the pump enclosure animation is a modular build, alternatively enclosures can be constructed as one piece drop-over units. For larger installations we offer a full structural steel build with infill acoustic panels, allowing for the full lift of the entire OEM equipment and enclosure solution together.

The lifespan of our noise control pump enclosure is upwards of 15 years plus in external environments and well over 20 years plus for internal applications. Working with UK suppliers our steel and other raw materials are selected for their performance and long term durability. We can finish to your colour choice in polyester powder coat, and can provide custom paint solutions to incorporate your company branding and colours on request.

Our acoustic panels and substrates are certified Class A1 or A2 for Non Combustible Material requirements and Eurocode 3 for structural steel. We can on request provide enhanced solutions to ATEX specifications for the protection of personnel and the surrounding environment.

BS EN ISO 15667:2000 guidelines for noise control of enclosures and cabins forms part of our design process with your team and our in-field testing is to BS EN ISO 11546-2:2009. This determines the sound insulation performance of enclosures for final commissioning and acceptance testing.

Industrial Pump Noise Control - Drop-over Acoustic Enclosure

Project News - Nuclear Sector

Wiltech Acoustics has recently won a large project to design, manufacture, install and commission a range of large noise control enclosures for the Nuclear Sector. One of our large OEM pump partners has a specification to deliver a range of pump systems ranging from 400m3 per hour @ 1.5 Bar for vacuum, through to 6300m3 per hour at 35m head for large water pumps.

The largest of the noise control enclosures is approximately 4m x 4m x 3m high, the project is currently in build within our UK manufacturing facility.


These enclosures are a great example of teamwork from our organisation, from Sales through to Operations. The OEM Industrial team put a great proposal and solution together with our acousticians and engineers for the client – our Operations team now has the challenge to deliver the huge size and scale of the enclosures on time and to budget. Our large manufacturing facility enables us to complete a full assembly in-house before de-mounting and shipping to site for final installation – ensuring quality and performance with right first time delivery.

Tony Clowrey

Managing Director


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