Acoustic Enclosures

Acoustic enclosures and acoustic canopies for industrial noise control, are descriptive terms for packaged acoustic solutions which envelop or surround large machines, noise sources or processes, as well as smaller individual operational equipment.

This versatility makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of noise control issues and therefore likely to provide the solution that most customers will require if possible. The primary function and priority order, is to protect employees, operatives and the wider environment to standards such as Noise at Work 2005 legislation and Environmental planning and monitoring;

1. Close-fitting Solutions – control at source, protect the operator
2. Reverberation Control – treat the internal environment
3. Building Envelope – mitigate noise break-out to the external environment


Acoustic Enclosures are designed to incorporate fully matched acoustically designed access panels, doors, hatches and viewing windows, providing essential maintenance for safety checks and operational purposes without reducing the noise control impact of the enclosure.

You can read more about general factory noise sources and the various treatments available via our interactive factory model here. Taking some more specific examples of acoustic enclosure noise control packages, here we look at some of the key noise sources and how the enclosures are developed to meet the performance criteria

Types Of Acoustic Enclosures Designed By Wiltech Acoustics

Pump Acoustic Enclosures

Our Pump Enclosures are typically designed to reduce the noise level to a compliant 75dB(A) @ 1 meter. Pumps generate noise through motor operation and subsequent vibration. An acoustic enclosure provides a simple noise control solution and together with vibration isolated mounts dramatically reduces the impact of the environmental noise. Please follow the link provided for more information regarding our pump enclosures which integrate pipe penetrations and ancillary control systems, all shown in detail on our 3d animation here.


Compressor Acoustic Enclosures

Compressor Acoustic Enclosures are designed to tackle the varied sources of noise that compressors generate both internally and externally. This includes turbulence, metal on metal friction, leaking casings and pipes which require acoustic damping to minimise any sound amplification in the surrounding area. If you would like more information about compressor acoustic enclosures, please follow the link to visit the compressor enclosure page which features a 3D animation of an acoustic enclosure solution fabricated to an existing compressor frame housing, with option for vertical lifting construction.


Fan Acoustic Enclosures

Our Fan Enclosures are designed to reduce the impact of unwanted fan noise caused by airstream turbulence and mechanical components. Reducing breakout noise at inlet and outlet connections as well as addressing mechanically transferred sound and excessive fan vibrations by reducing resonance. This is covered in more detail via our 3D animation on our Fan Enclosure page.

Our acoustic enclosures are custom designed and fabricated to the project specifications – you can read further details about that process here and our facilities here. Depending on the various factors across the project scope and facility conditions, there are different types of noise control enclosures which our team could recommend to best meet your noise compliance needs;



Acoustic Enclosure Construction

Our steel acoustic enclosures are typically manufactured from one of two configuration types – fully customisable and demountable modular panel system which offers a wide range of configuration options. This self-supporting enclosure is built around the noise source, as shown in our Pump, and Fan Acoustic Enclosure animations.

Sometimes a specific lift-off or lift-over canopy construction is preferred to treat the noise source, or reasons such as retro-fitting, managing existing integrations, access, maintenance repair programmes. This can be designed from the outset as part of a modular configuration to an existing structural frame, as the example shows in our Compressor Acoustic Enclosure animation.

Or the drop-over canopy style acoustic enclosure can be configured from the outset with the correct structural rigidity as a complete assembly, which suits smaller gensets and other industrial equipment. Depending on the project specifics and requirements for access, size, MRO etc, we can tailor the most appropriate solution to your noise source.



Close-fitting Machine Enclosures – Uniclosure

Our Uniclosure solution offers a configurable tight-fitting noise control solution via a structural steel framework with mechanically fixed acoustic panels from 50mm, 75mm and 100mm thick depending on the required specification. These panels can be specified to be fully fixed, attached via quick release or even hinged to allow for full access to the encased machinery for maintenance and any operational requirements.

Each assembly is configured to suit the internal machinery and access requirements. The Uniclosure system can be configured for long or short runs, and various deviations in shape and access points. We have installed many Uniclosure systems on bottling plants, conveyor systems and production line machinery. Please visit our Factory Noise Control page for further details and information



How do we build our Acoustic Enclosures?

Our 50,000 sq. ft manufacturing factory allows for a full in-house end to end production of our acoustic enclosures providing full control of our production process. This has added benefits relating to full customisation of the enclosures and any finishes required and minimises any time and costs from external sources relating to transport of part finished goods to their next destination. In particular we specialise in repeat production enclosure units for OEM industrial equipment manufacturers.

Please view our interactive factory diagram for more information as to our manufacturing capabilities for your acoustic enclosure.



Acoustic Enclosure FAQs

Q. What is the acoustic performance of the enclosures?

A. We offer a range of tailor acoustic enclosure performance, from lightweight 30dB panel systems to high performance systems that can reduce noise by up to 60dB.

Q. How customisable are the enclosures?

A. Our acoustic enclosures are designed and engineered in-house by our sales, project and engineering teams, specifically to client specification allowing for a full turnkey solution. We provide a range of materials and finishes with options for paint finish and branding personalisation.

Q. How do you provide access to the enclosure without impacting the acoustic integrity?

A. Access to machinery or processes within the acoustic enclosure are provided by acoustically matched panels, doors, and windows which maintain the full acoustic integrity of the enclosure. We also have a range of penetration seal systems and air ventilation attenuators to compliment the build process.

Q. How will the enclosure be assembled?

A. The acoustic enclosure will be assembled either modularly using acoustic panels or as a one-piece drop-over unit, an option for larger installations is also available constructed to allow for the full lift of the equipment and enclosure together.

Q. What equipment do you specialise in providing acoustic enclosures for?

A. We specialise in a wide range of industrial and factory soundproofing solutions including but not limited to fan enclosures, pump enclosures and compressor enclosures. Some more of our key applications and market activities can be found here.

Q. What is the life expectancy of the enclosures?

A. The lifespan of the acoustic enclosures if well maintained and serviced can provide very long life durability – typically exceeding 15yrs in external environments and 20yrs for internal applications

Q. What are the fire safety specifications of the enclosures and the materials used?

A. All our panels and substrates are certified Class A1 or A2 for non-combustible materials and Eurocode 3 for structural steel. Enhanced solutions and specifications can be provided if additional protection is required for personnel.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Fill in one of our contact forms or call one of our sales team – we can discuss you specific project and provide some initial information and feedback on how we could help support you to meet your noise at work requirements or environment acoustic challenges

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