Power Generation Noise Control

Power generation noise control solutions remain a vital part of power infrastructure, no matter what the source technology. The need for power generation facilities and processes continues to grow exponentially as our power consumption increases. A huge part of our society and culture, our increasing reliance on technology and data is fuelled by power to data centres. Similarly our drive to recycle and convert waste to energy needs power for processing. As our reliance on fossil fuels gradually declines and our access to green power increases, our power sources become cleaner and more efficient. Cogeneration through localised Combined Heat & Power [CHP] plants provides greater opportunities for efficient conversion of heat and power, while also offering large scale commercial or industrial facilities access to off-grid power.

No matter what the process or mode of power generation, invariably noise as a by product of energy conversion will be created. Managing and mitigating noise for specialists within the power generation sector is a core business function for Wiltech Acoustics – throughout our history and as part of our future strategy. We help protect and manage the impact of noise on local environments (Environmental Noise regulation BS4142 2014) and people (Noise at Work 2005) through initial design, planning concept and consent process in partnership with power generation providers.


Our Market Sectors

Large consumers of power may use multiple power sources and generation modes – for example, a hospital may have its own CHP/cogeneration plant [heat and main power], alongside standby emergency power [diesel or gas generator back-up] and some grid source power.

Whatever the mix of power generation sources and therefore environmental noise control needs, we are able to provide a customised noise mitigation strategy and implementation plan. This is developed in partnership with you and considers both current and future needs, as part of your wider site power strategy and business case.

We work extensively throughout the UK power sector with a range of stakeholders – across the spectrum of end users and clients, contractors, consultants and specification engineers. Whether you are in the initial consultation phase and looking for technical support to meet critical planning regulations for noise control, or redeveloping a sites existing power infrastructure – we have the experience and technical engineers to support your projects noise control needs.

Cogeneration Plants

Cogeneration or Combined Heat & Power [CHP] facilities are commonly found across all these typical large site infrastructure applications. Cogeneration of heat and power is more efficient and cost effective than grid power and boiler heating, while providing off-grid energy resilience.

Most CHP units are fuelled by natural gas, by comparison also cheaper than grid electricity over recent years. This means they typically enjoy over 80% overall efficiency, over 20% reduction in energy costs and 30% reduction in carbon emissions, gov.uk. There are over 2500 active CHP installations in the UK currently [Dept. Business Energy & Industrial Strategy] – with government backed environmental policy and incentives, their development and application continues to grow.

CHP installations with prime mover gas or diesel engines usually operate continuously at approximately 80-90dB(A). Additionally intermittent noise sources such as vents, pumps and compressors can provide noise output spikes. It is therefore imperative a noise control strategy is in place for planning and development consent. Potential noise levels that damage health, or are a nuisance, are classified as ‘statutory nuisances’ under the Environmental Protection Act 1990, and Local Authorities have a duty to investigate any complaints.

Power Generation Noise Sources

Identifying Noise Problems

We typically develop noise control solutions for power generation schemes, including diesel and gas reciprocating engines and gas and steam turbines. There are a wide range of processes and ancillary equipment as additional noise sources, which invariably link to the process of power generation and onward to power distribution.

In these areas we focus on the core noise source, the prime mover, however we offer a broader scope of solutions which manage noise control for elements such as pumps, compressors, boilers and other industrial equipment found in a wider power generation plant configuration.

Please visit our specialist product pages to learn more on each topic:

Learn more by watching our 3D visual animation of a typical standby power diesel generator set configuration in a large building with a vital standby requirement – in this case a hospital. Identifying complex acoustic and noise control issues in such installations requires detailed acoustic engineering capabilities and experience. We look at the wider considerations required to ensure noise and vibration breakout from the plant room does not affect the upper floors of the building or external spaces. Also important is the management of ventilation and exhaust gases within the acoustic specification. This example shows specific design considerations for a diesel prime mover noise control solution – we also provide similar noise control enclosures and canopies for gas engine requirements

Visualise a typical gas engine acoustic enclosure or canopy solution, for continuous or standby power gas generator sets. We provide turnkey packaged noise control solutions which cover all aspects from structure through to safety systems and ventilation. This example shows specific design considerations for a gas prime mover noise control solution – we also provide similar noise control enclosures and canopies for diesel engine requirements

There is strong UK demand and growth in cogeneration and CHP facilities due totheir operational and environmental efficiency. Gas turbine facilities are very complex installations – explore how we design and develop the solution and identify the key elements on our interactive gas turbine package image.


Prime movers for power generation and their system require noise control treatment and management of exhaust and vent gases. We have a wide range of silencer and attenuator products which are specified and designed for packaged synergy with our acoustic power generator enclosure solutions.

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Power Generation Partnerships

We are here to support consultants, specifiers, engineers and customers to deliver high quality effective noise control solutions to all forms of noise source within the power generation sector. We have the knowledge, experience and resources to support our customers, ensuring our mutual end client meets and exceeds its noise mitigation specifications and compliance with health & safety, planning and environmental requirements. We believe in long-term sustainable relationships – we build these through trust, our working practices and the ongoing delivery of high quality and high performance noise control solutions;


Richard Russett, MD, Kohler SDMO
“It’s vital for our business that we have a supply chain partner in noise control we can trust and work with for long term success – that means repeatedly delivering effective solutions on time and to budget. Crucially we expect our partners to understand the complexities of our equipment and the noise issues, ensuring the performance of our packaged solution is of the highest quality for our end clients. Wiltech Acoustics delivers on all these elements and is a noise control solutions partner we trust.”


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