Power Noise Control

Power generation and onward power distribution to micro, local or national networks, creates significant levels of noise pollution as a by-product of energy conversion. Our lifestyles, economic prosperity and infrastructure are all intrinsically dependent on power generation and distribution. Our increasing demand for power in the UK is forecast to continue growing through to 2030 by approximately 20%.

The scope and scale of disciplines and modes of power generation and power distribution, whether on or off grid, peaking stations, stand-by or continuous power, is very broad. All these processes typically have some level of noise control requirement. Similarly even our transition to the broader mix of carbon neutral and de-carbonised energy sources has complications with noise levels. Noise control and mitigation is the common element between all power processes and distribution modes, which needs specialist engineering and consultancy. The UK’s high density of population and demand for space, the boundaries between residential, commercial and industrial planning continue to be merged – noise control mitigation strategies are essential to minimise the impact on local environments and people.

Wiltech Acoustics as a specialist noise control solution provider to the power sector, has the knowledge and engineering expertise to understand, manage and configure noise mitigation strategies and solutions. Invariably in a densely populated developed nation, noise mitigation to power generation and distribution, is almost always a prerequisite of the initial design, planning concept and consent.

Typically this falls to either Noise at Work 2005 regulatory compliance to protect operative employees on site, or for Environmental Noise regulations such as BS4142 2014 to protect adjacent local residential or commercial developments. We work with power sector specialists from all disciplines to help you manage noise control issues with high quality acoustic solutions. We guarantee acoustic performance, reducing noise levels to enable the safety of personnel and quality of the built environment.



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A wide range of packaged solutions across multi-discipline sector disciplines such as standby & continuous power, cogeneration, renewable, waste to energy and peaking stations. We provide a single source solution from design and specification through to manufacturing, installation and maintenance. Combining a wide range of noise control products including enclosures, access, ventilation and exhaust, for total acoustic responsibility

A range of customised enclosure and drop-over canopy solutions for applications such as transformers, UPS, switchgear and substations. We provide a single source solution from design and specification through to manufacturing, installation and maintenance. Fully packaged solutions including ventilation, cooling, safety and services, with options for maintenance contracts

Our Market Sectors

Market sector disciplines and applications are very broad in scope – every element of our modern lives, infrastructure and technologies is sustained by the generation and distribution of power – therefore noise control requirements are applicable across almost any market or discipline. We provide customised power acoustic solutions to your individual project specifications; we understand that each sector and project has its own unique circumstances, planning control and noise mitigation requirements . We typically work with clients and projects for noise control solutions to the following key market areas;


Power Market Noise Control Solutions

You can investigate and learn more about our capabilities and experience in delivering noise control solutions for power generation and distribution on our dedicated pages. We provide detailed insight to our noise control solution development with 3D animated examples of;

The development and delivery of our acoustic package treatment focuses the design, engineering and implementation in a holistic approach. We go beyond simply specifying singular noise control elements such as acoustic panels or doors, as barriers to contain or reduce noise. Unless the integrated noise control solution is considered and delivered as a whole, then critical issues in performance can develop – in both noise mitigation and in prime mover efficiency and performance.

The packaged enclosure should consider the following key elements;

  • Vibration & Structural Borne Noise
  • Attenuated Inlet & Outlet Ventilation
  • Prime Mover Air Cooling Volumes
  • Heat Dissipation Specification
  • Exhaust Gas Attenuation and Extraction
  • Ancillary Services
  • Safety Systems


Understanding and analyzing these factors and then combining them with the requirements of the acoustic panels, reverberation control, structural specifications and maintenance needs, enables Wiltech Acoustics to provide a complete solution. We guarantee to meet the noise reduction specification levels and ensure that the performance of the prime mover remains at operational efficiency and within recommended temperature range.


Acoustic and Noise Control Engineering

We have the in-house capabilities and team with many years experience in delivering noise control solutions to the Power sector. We consult, analyse, interpret, recommend and implement noise mitigation plans in-line with specifications and budget.

We utilise software such as CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and CadnaA noise prediction software to assist us in calculating, assessing and modelling environmental noise. In bringing together our experience and support services, alongside our acoustic product solutions, we guarantee to meet your noise control specifications while offering market leading sales, project and service support.

Noise Control Product Solutions

To provide a full turn-key packaged noise control solution with guaranteed acoustic performance, we draw on a wide range of product solutions for integration. We design, develop and test our products in-house to ensure that our R&D is aligned with market needs while continuously improving our range and offer. Some of the key products we use in combined package solutions are;

Steel or timber construction acoustic doors to suit a wide range of industrial applications for personnel and large oversize doors. Hinged, sliding or vertical lift door options can be selected to manage the combination of acoustic specification, with space and access needs.

Additional options include a wide selection of hardware and access control options, vision panels and automation. Acoustic louvres doors can also be provided where ventilation and airflow is required, while maintaining acoustic performance.

Steel, aluminium or timber construction acoustic windows are available either installed as part of an acoustic enclosure package, or as products to treat the internal or external areas of a power generation facility – perhaps a viewing window into a plant room or from a mezzanine floor into a larger CHP or cogeneration facility.

Product applications range from large glazed screens or partitions, eg. mezzanine floor to ground floor observation galleries, to primary and secondary glazing installations for external break-out noise control. Options are available for ATEX and bullet proof glass finishes for personnel protection from engine component or system failures.

With a range of durable steel absorptive panels we can provide acoustic treatment to increase absorption and reduce reverberation. This provides a lower noise level throughout an enclosed space within a power generation facility and is generally recognised to enhance personal effectiveness and comfort of operators.

Typically most installations are on approximately 60% coverage of vertical wall surfaces, but would be calculated based on specific installations. Melinex linings prevent contamination and the panels are robust in construction for cleaning and long-term durabilty.

Operable hanging hygienic ceiling baffles systems are also available. These demountable panels are stainless steel framed and available in finishes which suit either low contamination levels in dry/semi-wet environments or high contamination where plastic surface finishes allow for wet cleaning.

Power noise control projects typically have a limited overall pressure restriction that cannot be exceeded without detriment to the cooling of the equipment. Our acoustic louvres are specifically designed to for low pressure restrictions with weather protection at higher inlet velocities, than conventional architectural louvres.

Specific louvre designs can be tailored to provide enhanced protection against ingress of sand and dust – additionally filter systems can be specified. Secondary motorised, gravity-flap, fire & smoke damper and gas retention louvres can also be offered as standalone or an integrated parts of a total package solution.

Where industrial equipment is treated with an enclosed noise containment solution, it is vital to maintain correct ventilation whilst preventing noise breakout. Various systems can be offered, from simple acoustic duct-work and baffles to high performing splitter attenuator systems which can be “tuned” to counter specific dominant frequencies.

These are commonly specified with acoustic louvres, absorptive room linings, fire and gas retention dampers, exhaust gas silencers and acoustic and fire doors. They also form part of the packaged solution for both drop-over acoustic canopy and enclosure systems.

Exhaust gas silencers can be provided in mild steel / 304L and 316L grade stainless steel in sizes ranging from 50mm to 600mm bore to standard designs with bespoke designs beyond those sizes.

Single / twin and triple entry designs can be offered. Additionally, spark arrestor and catalytic converters systems can be incorporated and full SCR systems offered if needed.

Our acoustic enclosures range from large modular freestanding enclosures to smaller, close fitting enclosures or drop-over canopies. You can view typical larger enclosure solution build around a gas genset here.

Acoustic enclosures are designed and engineered depending upon the client’s requirement – from modular acoustic panel systems incorporating a range of standard panels, doors and windows, to one piece structural canopy enclosures with access panels, dropped over machinery or equipment.

Operational control systems, interlocks and safety controls can be incorporated with access doors and panels so the enclosure effectively forms part of any operational safety requirements. Further customisation is available, either by material, e.g. stainless steel finish, or personalisation via paint finish and branding.

Absorptive freestanding barriers are designed to your environmental installation, accounting for wind loading, long term external durability and structural support requirements. Prefabricated modular construction of single or dual sided absorptive barriers removes site welding requirements and provides rapid installation.

Reflective cladding panels are also available which compliment existing walls or barrier installations. These modular systems offer significant absorption, reducing reflected sound and overall environmental noise impact.

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Manufacturing Facilities and Accreditation

We currently have approximately 50,000 sq foot of manufacturing facilities across two sites utilising an array of modern manufacturing equipment, including a Bystronic 4m fibre laser and auto tool press brake. We can accommodate volume production and consistent flow of acoustic enclosure systems and associated noise control products to meet the needs of even the largest projects and clients.

We have full in-house end-to-end production capabilities, from laser cutting through to paint finishing. In full control of our production process, we can ensure efficiency and control, while minimising any time and cost from external sources or the movement of part finished goods. We take our accreditation seriously and with great pride – our ISO 9001/140001/45001 certification reflects our commitment to deliver noise control solutions through quality, environmental and occupational health & safety management systems.


Our Experience

Power Sector Specialists

We work with a huge range of specialist providers within the Power sector, from Generation through to Distribution. We bring together significant organisation and team historical sector experience, alongside our Quality Management Systems and our acoustic engineering capabilities – when you partner on noise control solutions with us, you can guarantee industry leading performance, quality and delivery on every project.



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