Power Distribution Enclosures

Wiltech Acoustics have several decades of experience in bespoke packaging solutions for the power generation industry. We are able to support clients from the initial consultancy and design through to manufacture, delivery and finally site installation Additionally we can offer a range of service and support packages for long-term assurance.

We offer packaged enclosure solutions in both the power generation and power distribution sectors – our wide range of products and solutions include plantroom attenuation, close-fit and walk-round enclosures for generator sets, UPS and switchgear housings. All meet stringent ventilation, acoustic and weather protection requirements.

UPS Housings

UPS and battery housings are a vital ancillary support solution to modern infrastructure across a broad spectrum of market sectors.

We offer either combined single compartment units with HVAC temperature control, or segregated units with filtration and forced ventilation. Typical applications include standard UPS configurations and smaller HVAC controlled battery compartments. Our in-house engineering team also have configurations available for stacked pairs to maximise site footprint.

Our thermally insulated enclosure solutions are weather and dust-proof and typically range in standard configuration from a simple 10kVA UPS to housings suitable for multiple 3-500kVA UPS’s up to 1500kVA units. Our in-house design and engineering team is able to offer custom configuration solutions to suit you project specific requirements.

The adjacent image is a bespoke designed 2 compartment, UPS and Battery Housing – designed to fit into a tight location with forced ventilation for the UPS and integral HVAC for the battery compartment. The external Condenser was recessed into a pocket to minimise the external dimensions and to allow installation and commissioning of the HVAC before the unit left our works. The client selected a specific RAL blue colour to match the adjacent standby generator set.

Single unit overall sizes are limited only by road transport restrictions, but split units can be provided above that for larger project requirements. We offer a packaged solution for power distribution and generation – please read more on our standby generator acoustic canopies and enclosure packages for diesel and gas engines.

Switchgear Housings

We have a range of Low and High Voltage switchgear housings for power distribution requirements. The bespoke designed enclosure solutions suit a wide range of configurations and site requirements. Ventilation is managed with forced or HVAC cooling depending on specification needs.

Raised ‘computer floors’ allow interconnection cabling below floor level, with cable entries through roof, floor or walls. Unit size is limited only by the practicality of road transport but sectional units can also be supplied to meet larger project requirements.

Wiltech Acoustics is adept at providing a single source solution for power generation and distribution projects, typically packaging switchgear housing with with standby generator acoustic canopies or enclosures. By bringing all your power distribution and generation enclosure requirements under a single source provider, we ensure greater efficiency, control and cost effectiveness for the project.

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Inverter Housings

Inverter Systems are becoming a more frequent solution to support short peak lopping applications on the National Grid. They typically provide an alternative solution to traditional stand-by generators with better environmental consideration and instantaneous start-up performance.

Large numbers of inverters in a single location can present acoustic challenges and are subject to Local Planning restrictions. We offer bespoke acoustic enclosure or canopy solutions for Inverter noise control, tailored to site specific noise control needs.

High performance quality enclosures meeting all weather and insulation requirements, ensure your project is delivered with long-term assurance and client acceptance.

Power Enclosure Solutions

Wiltech Acoustics is unique in its proposition and solution for the Power sector. By offering enclosure solutions – either specifically acoustic for power generation, or non-acoustic for many power distribution applications – we are able to offer a single-source solution to power sector equipment enclosure requirements.

Whether a high performance acoustic canopy is required for gas gensets – for example to a CHP plant or other similar application, or acoustic treatment is required to diesel gensets in a vital stand-by configuration – for example to a Hospital, we have the noise control experience to deliver a solution that meets and exceeds, specification and quality requirements.

Our expertise in power generation noise control engineering and fabrication enables us to offer durable external grade enclosure solutions to complete your project requirements for associated power distribution. By consolidating your enclosure specifications and needs, we provide a trusted and effective delivery partner, coordinating the whole projects enclosure requirements on time and to budget. Please get in touch today to discuss your project requirements and specifications.



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