Industrial Noise Control

Industrial and factory machinery, processes and general activities generate noise. How factories manage and control noise affects the health & safety of personnel and impacts the surrounding internal and external environments.

Wiltech Acoustics offers a full range of engineered noise control products for industrial noise. We solve noise mitigation challenges with a broad range of modular components, including acoustic enclosures, doors, windows, barriers, absorption systems and attenuators. We listen to and consult with you to understand your industrial noise control issues. We can work to an existing specification or develop a full customised solution for you to meet or exceed Noise at Work Regulations 2005.

As a manufacturer with 130 years of experience we are adept at isolating or containing noise within industrial environments. Whether a single noise source such as an industrial pump, fan or compressor, or a wider factory challenge such as a bottling plant, we have the experience in delivering effective industrial noise control solutions across a spectrum of factory noise sources.

We work with Original Equipment Manufacturers [OEM] as long-term partners, developing packaged acoustic enclosures for pump, fans and compressors from source supply. We also provide simpler canopy solutions for existing and new installation projects. Similarly we work directly with clients to manage industrial noise within existing installations and environments. Our sales, engineering, project and design teams understand how to deliver noise control solutions with flexibility and efficiency in your industrial facility.

We help you manage safety and risk to noise exposure with high quality industrial noise control solutions. We guarantee the acoustic performance, reducing noise levels in the environment to enable personnel and your facility, to work effectively. We also ensure your operational, mechanical and aesthetic requirements are achieved.

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Industrial Noise Sources

Identifying Noise Problems

There are a number of industrial manufacturing and processing sectors which have potential environmental noise level issues. These have a subsequent effect on the hearing and safety of personnel on site. Sectors we find with generally high noise levels needing noise mitigation solutions include:

Food & DrinkPlasticsGlass
Packaging & PaperWaterWater

Process and activity within these sectors is variable in scope, but typically high noise level sources needing acoustic treatment or containment include:

Noise Sources

Industrial noise problems can arise with the installation of new equipment or changes to facility design, layout, process and activities. A process which may not have been considered a noise problem previously, could as a result of facility changes, be impacting the wellbeing and safety of personnel. Beyond human safety the noise source could also be extending outside the building envelope and affecting local residential areas or other parties, as per Environment Noise Nuisance act BS4142.

Our first step is to work with you to find and understand where the noise source is and what are the common issues and impacts associated with it. We also consult with you to understand your business needs – this includes consideration for your future plans or changes to your facility or equipment. We can propose a cost effective industrial soundproofing solution and mitigation plan that will benefit you now and in the future.

Acoustics & Regulations

Industrial work environments are complex mixes of machines, activities and processes. Identifying and understanding the types of noise sources and the impact they have on personnel is the first step in developing a noise control mitigation plan.

Typical industrial noise sources range between 85-110dB(A) and the Noise at Work Regulations 2005 are tailored to meet the protective needs of personnel in this range.

The most effective industrial soundproofing & noise control solution is to control the noise at source, typically with acoustic enclosures, canopies or screens. In this instance the entire solution has to be designed and engineered as a package – its performance is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore careful consideration should be given to access points such as windows, doors, ventilation and maintenance access. Penetrations and flanking paths within the noise control solution will risk minimising its benefit if not implemented correctly.

An enclosure type solution is not always practical – protecting personnel directly is the next option. Factory noise shelters, sound havens and control rooms can be installed from high performance acoustic panel systems with full mechanical and electrical services integrated.

Acoustically treating the wider environment is the least targeted measure, however a vital component and option in the noise control strategy. Controlling the reverberation time in a dedicated area or across the whole facility can provide enormous benefits to the whole team and working environment.

The Control of Noise at Work Regulations [2005] has a clear mandate for employers to protect the hearing of workers from excessive noise and prevent hearing loss. When noise levels reach 80 dB, employers must actively assess risk and provide information and training to personnel.

Further to this employers must provide hearing protection and hearing protection zones when noise levels have a daily or weekly average of 85 dB. There is a further safety measure to exposure – the upper limit is 87 dB including the use of hearing protection equipment.

Many of the excessive noise sources we typically provide industrial soundproofing and acoustic treatments range from 90 to 130 dB. Providing high performance industrial noise control products to manage hazardous noise levels is vital for the safety and wellbeing of all personnel.

Beyond the minimum legislative standards, many organisations choose to provide high quality working environments with much lower background industrial noise levels. This is often associated with better productivity, efficiency and satisfaction. People suffer less fatigue, have better concentration and are generally more effective in environments with managed acoustics and noise control.

Industrial Soundproofing/Noise Control Planning

To understand the scope of the industrial noise control requirements in any environment, our policy is always to visit, listen, test and discuss the impacts and your requirements. By developing our noise assessment in full, we can evidence and jointly consider the best options to reach the noise criteria objectives. This would typically cover;

– Source equipment or process noise measurement
– Assessment of reverberant field
– Vibration and structural borne noise analysis
– Compatible Ventilation and air conditioning


Proposed project solutions to reduce noise source levels and exposure could utilise one, or more likely, a combination of several acoustic products. This would be dependent on noise levels, impact, the environment, location and frequency type.

Having tested and assessed, understanding the requirements and specifications, our team then considers the best combination of noise control products. We summarise our main industrial and factory noise control solutions into key groups;

– Close-fitting Solutions – enclosures, attenuators, vents, anti-vibration mounts
– Reverberation Control – absorptive panels, baffles
– Building Envelope – external doors, windows, louvres, enclosures, vents, barriers

The preferential sequence of implementing solutions is a three step process;

– Control at source
– Protect the operator
– Treat the environment

The product solutions for these steps have to consider practical needs, access and process, alongside the financial budgets and business needs.

You can see how a range of these industrial soundproofing products can be combined together on our Factory Noise Control interactive solutions page.

You can also visualise how a more complex acoustic enclosure package is developed around a manufacturer’s piece of industrial equipment, such as a pump, fan or compressor. This brings together a range of acoustic/industrial soundproofing products and integrations while ensuring the original equipment works efficiently and effectively as designed.

Our Noise Control Solutions

Acoustic Products

Wiltech Acoustics has a wide range of products and solutions to help manage and mitigate noise source problems.

Our acoustic products are rigorously tested and certified to the highest standards to ensure effective noise control solutions, upholding our performance guarantee. By combining these products to meet noise control challenges, we can provide an effective single source solution to multiple industrial noise control market sectors:

Project Development

Consultation to Commissioning

Wiltech Acoustics invests the same levels of energy, service and support across all its clients’ industrial noise control projects, large or small. Our exemplary reputation of 130 years is built on these foundations and we continue to strive to provide the best physical noise control solutions, alongside the highest levels of service, quality and accountability.

We take great pride in our operational performance through ISO 9001 [quality management systems], 14001 [environmental] and 45001 [health & safety]. The same attention to detail and process is applied when working on our clients’ noise control challenges. Each project is of course different, but following on from an initial written enquiry or phone discussion, we are with you every step of the way until final commissioning and sign-off:


Our Experience

Industrial Sector Specialists

Wiltech Acoustics has delivered and installed thousands of successful industrial noise control projects with a wide spectrum of clients from the industrial and manufacturing sectors. This enables us to utilise our experience and learning in each and every new client project. There are always new challenges, different processes or sources of noise pollution – working together in partnership with our clients we rise to meet the challenge.

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