Welcome to Wiltech Acoustics

Specialists in the industrial and power sectors of noise control, Wiltech Acoustics offers bespoke, high quality noise control solutions for clients across the UK. We design, manufacture and engineer at the highest level, providing our customers with a full acoustic solution service that supports industries everywhere. Founded by William and Arthur Hodgson back in 1890, Wiltech Acoustics has a rich and innovative history. Having undergone several changes and acquisitions throughout its timeline, the company is part of the founding member of UK organisations which developed noise control and acoustic products for the industrial sector, with its core business premise remaining the same throughout.

Building on this respected heritage, here at Wiltech Acoustics we are committed to supporting the needs of UK manufacturing whilst taking the company into an exciting new era. With people and the environment at our heart, we understand the importance our products bring to the workplace. With noise levels an increasing challenge within the modern world, our environment and the space around us needs protecting more than ever before. From manufacturing facilities to data centres, the built environment requires effective noise mitigation that keeps its workplace and its people safe from the risks of excess noise and exposure. By utilising our vast knowledge and experience we can provide bespoke noise control solutions to meet the ever-demanding world that we live in.

At Wiltech Acoustics our innovative sound controls and services excel in quality and capability. We pride ourselves in providing a first-class service that can support a variety of sectors within the industrial and power landscape, ensuring safe noise working levels are adhered to at all times. As we build upon our heritage and take the company forward, we are excited to showcase our products and the latest in acoustic technologies to organisations and businesses that need us the most.

Our Vision

Through the pursuit of excellence, we aim to build upon our heritage to be considered best in class for the design and manufacture of noise control solutions

Our Mission

We are committed to identifying value in the eyes of our customers and in delivering products and services that match their expectations

Our Values


We are committed to providing outstanding noise control solutions and service to our clients


Working together with our clients, partners and team members delivers results


Our past has been built on making history and our future depends on embracing it


We always endeavour to build long term relationships and exceed our commitments


New possibilities of expansion while meeting noise control market needs drives us

The Future

Noise is an issue that is a challenge in all parts of modern life. In particular the continued pressure and demand on space, residential communities and commercial facilities, means the built environment requires ever increasing noise mitigation. From manufacturing facilities to data centres Wiltech Acoustics works to solve noise control issues creating safe working and living environments for all.

In 2023 to meet the growth challenges of the future, we have taken the opportunity to strengthen our Leadership Team. By promoting from within we ensure the organisation has the right people and experience to take Wiltech Acoustics forward into the next phase of growth.

Andy Wilmott, CO-CEO and Chairman

As CO-CEO & Chairman of Wiltech Acoustics, I’m excited to lead the team into a new phase of growth and capability in our core markets of industrial and power noise control. Our current rapid expansion on the basis of our sales, engineering and acoustic capabilities is coupled with our delivery of operational and manufacturing excellence. Our strategic plan outlines our commitment to continuous improvement in all operational areas of the business and is particularly reflected in the investment in our new manufacturing facilities. We are ready to take on the challenge of further growth and foresee an exciting future in noise control.

Senior Leadership Team

Andy Wilmott



Danny Buttar

Technical Director


Kate Stevenson

Director of HR & QHSE


Sales Team

Steve Delaney

Sales Manager – Power Products


Our Facilities and Capabilities

We currently have approximately 50,000 sq foot of manufacturing facilities across two sites utilising an array of modern manufacturing equipment, including a Bystronic 4m fibre laser and auto tool press brake. We can accommodate volume production and consistent flow of acoustic enclosure systems and associated noise control products to meet the needs of even the largest clients.

We have full in-house end-to-end production capabilities, from laser cutting through to paint finishing. In full control of our production process, we can ensure efficiency and control, while minimising any time and cost from external sources or the movement of part finished goods. We take our accreditation seriously and with great pride – our ISO 9001/140001/45001 certification reflects our commitment to deliver noise control solutions through quality, environmental and occupational health & safety management systems.


Our Production Process

Please interact and investigate our production process via the dots:

Loughborough Production Facility

Our History

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