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We design, engineer and manufacture turnkey noise control solutions for reciprocating diesel engines. Whether installed as a stand-by system in a data centre or hospital, or as part of an internal or external continuous power source, we guarantee to meet the acoustic specification. We supply proven noise control solutions which include acoustic ventilation and cooling systems that will enable an engines continuous operational efficiency and expected performance levels. We provide solutions for existing diesel engine installations, or we can engage in the design and specification phase to develop a noise mitigation plan – either specific to the product and OEM, or to the customer’s end project. Our expertise and experience in diesel power generation enables us to deliver across these key criteria:

Acoustic specification for both personnel and environmental regulations

Project performance across safety, quality, cost and programme

Diesel prime mover operational performance and systems integration

Enhance your brand and capability as a turnkey, single-source solution provider

A strong working partnership with long term benefits

We have over 50 years experience and knowledge of delivering high performance noise mitigation solutions for diesel and gas engines. Our dedicated team brings the expertise required to design and manufacture solutions that meet or exceed your requirements. We work closely with the appropriate stakeholders in your company – be they from management, engineering, design, manufacturing or sales – forming an effective team to deliver a power generation solution which delivers on-site results.

Our diesel engine animation demonstrates how we bring complex noise control and engineering design together, to deliver on your noise mitigation requirements:

Diesel Engine - Plantroom Noise Control Solution

Diesel Engine - Noise Control Development

In this plantroom scenario the specification is to reduce standby power diesel generator set noise levels from 115dB(A) to 75dB(A) externally.

It is essential that we understand the source of the noise and the specification requirements before designing a solution. Similarly, we need to assess the existing room structure and proposed or current layout. These existing measures and features should be assessed for performance delivery and effectiveness, or whether complete overhaul and redesign is required to guarantee specification.

Our designers will take all this information into account to then begin planning and designing the noise control solution for the diesel engine set-up.

In this initial scenario its immediately evident there are issues with structural vibration, ventilation, cooling, exhaust gases, reverberation and noise transmission.


We initially look to control any structural borne noise with the use of AVMs. Re-alignment of the inlet attenuators ensures efficient air flow and engine operation. A barrier wall controls noise breakout into the discharge attenuators. Lining the plant room walls with absorption panels manages reverberation, while upgrading access doors with acoustic doors also greatly reduced the noise levels outside of the plant room.

Inlet and discharge attenuators with enhanced casing provide protection against flanking, while acoustic louvres provide natural ventilation with low pressure drop.

Exhaust silencers are used to provide an absorptive treatment of all the exhaust noise and gases in line with acoustic specification.


Full ventilation and safety system integration is essential and implemented in all our projects. The fully operational ventilation system maintains ambient air supply without restricting cooling or combustion air requirements.

All inlet and discharge attenuators are fitted with automatic fire dampeners. Internal lighting and fire suppression mist systems are fully integrated into the control panel and safety system.

On completion, the plant room is tested with the engine in situ and the engineered facility sees a reduction of internal noise levels from 115dB(A) to 75 dB(A) at 1.0m externally. With the noise control solution implemented, further benefits include:

– Noise at Work compliance
– Enhanced personnel safety and welfare/wellbeing
– Prevention of hearing loss
– Improved working environment
– Reduction in overall facility noise level

Wiltech Acoustics has a strong track record in the delivery of high performance power generation noise control solutions to satisfy the requirements of organisations, sensitive environments, performance standards and regulatory compliance.

Please contact us to discuss your project specific needs.

Engineering Solutions

Understanding of Requirements

We use CadnaA noise prediction software to assist us in calculating, assessing and modelling environmental noise generated by the diesel generator prime mover. Our designers are then able to understand the source and characteristic of the noise so that they can address it in the most effective way possible.

We work closely with you from the outset of the project using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) design allowing us to assess and manage the impact of the noise control solution on the engine and associated systems. This ensures that the noise reduction solution will not compromise the effectiveness of the engine itself and provide the most effective noise control solution possible

Our structural steel analysis to Eurocode standards ensures structural integrity and finite element analysis for reliability of the structure and any surrounding elements directly associated with it.

Whatever type or types of diesel engine you produce, supply or operate, we can design and build an effective enclosure to contain unwanted noise.

Project Delivery

Wiltech Acoustics invests the same levels of energy, service and support across all its clients’ noise control projects, large or small. Our exemplary reputation of 130 years is built on these foundations and we continue to strive to provide the best physical noise control solutions, alongside the highest levels of service, quality and accountability.

We take great pride in our operational performance through ISO 9001 [quality management systems], 14001 [environmental] and 45001 [health & safety]. The same attention to detail and process is applied when working on our clients’ noise control challenges – from an initial written enquiry or phone discussion, to site surveys and noise level readings, we are with you every step of the way until final commissioning and sign-off.




Our Experience

Wiltech Acoustics has delivered and installed thousands of successful noise control projects including many for reciprocating diesel engines. This involves a wide spectrum of clients from the data centre, industrial and manufacturing sectors which enables us to utilise our experience and learning in each and every new client project. There are always new challenges, different processes or sources of noise pollution – working together in partnership with our clients we rise to meet the challenge:

“The performance of our packaged noise control genset solution is of the highest quality for our end clients – Wiltech Acoustics delivers and is a partner we trust.”
Richard Russett, MD, Kohler SDMO

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