Vent Silencers

Safety and control valves are an essential part of petro-chemical or electricity power generation plants. Venting steam, gas or vapour from these valves typically generates very high levels of noise.

Vent silencers help reduce localised noise levels, shock reactions, eliminate noise-induced hearing damage of personnel, and prevent wider environmental noise issues.

They provide high or low back pressure relief for the system, ensuring proper operation, while acting as a link between pressurised gaseous fluid and the atmosphere.

Vent silencers can be reactive (attenuating the low frequencies for broadband noise reduction), or absorptive (for high frequency noise mitigation), or combined depending on applications and required attenuation, available up to 75 dB(A).

At Wiltech Acoustics we specialise in fitting vent silencers and work with consulting engineers from design and specification through to contractors and clients for project implementation. Sectors we typically supply into:

Combined Cycles

CHP Plants

Fossil Fuel Power Plants

Thermal Solar Plants

Waste to Energy

Nuclear Power Plants

Industrial Applications

Oil and Gas Applications

Gasification Process

Liquification Plants

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