Maintaining a safe environment for everybody at work is the most important factor to consider for any company in any industry. Industrial and factory environments must cope with multiple noise sources usually within a contained environment and at proximity to members of staff. Preventing or stopping the noise at the initial source is always the most effective way of reducing the impact of noise on employees and maintenance staff. We can work to an existing specification or develop a full customised solution for you to meet or exceed Noise at Work Regulations 2005.


Uniclosure machine soundproofing provides a versatile and customisable noise control enclosure system. This allows the system to be useful for a wide range of industrial noise sources in many shapes and sizes. The system is also designed to be tight fitting to the noise source therefore saving space, while also still maintaining a highly effective noise reduction of 20-35dBA.


The simplicity of the design allows for quick and effective construction, plus it has the ability to be easily retrofitted for existing machinery, or to be designed for new machinery installations.


Uniclosure is designed with structural stability at its core and easily incorporates quick release access hatches and removable panels without compromising on its strength or acoustic integrity. This allows for easy access for maintenance and the option for expansion and/or changes to the enclosure itself, future proofing for adaptations or updates.


Uniclosure uses this customisation to its advantage to be the complete flexible acoustic solution for a wide variety of machinery from Power Presses to Agitators, Needle Looms to Large Hydraulic Power Packs.


You can see how Uniclosure can address various noise sources in our interactive industrial factory.





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