The UK Data Centre Market Is Growing

The UK data centre market size is set to grow by $35.79 billion by 2026, according to the latest research by forecasters Technavio.

There are a number of reasons for this predicted growth, which is set to progress at an annual rate of 21.03%. Primarily, it’s cheaper, more secure and less clunky for businesses to move IT networks to the cloud, rather than manage their own data servers in the workplace.

And as colocation spaces have become more common, it’s now easier for different types of businesses to take advantage of offsite data storage facilities, which are versatile and cater to virtually any requirement — including those of SMEs.

Our transition to the 5G network is another contributing factor. As it’s a faster network, 5G supports many devices at any one time, which means lots of information and processes running through each data centre. An expansion in UK data centre infrastructure is inevitable.

Of course, all these new and expanded data centres will need more power and stand-by power generation. External standby power solutions need to be acoustically enclosed with ventilation and exhaust treatments. The location of urban data centres in close proximity to residential zones means consideration in planning and legislation has to be given to the environmental noise impact.



At Wiltech Acoustics, we have several decades of experience in bespoke packaging solutions for the power generation industry. We offer a range of stand-by power generator enclosures and canopies to help mitigate environmental noise, and we also provide temperature-controlled UPS housings, low and high voltage switchgear enclosures and inverter enclosures.

We’re on hand to assist clients from the initial consultancy and design through to manufacture, delivery and finally site installation.

Contact us to find out more.

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