Sound Havens

Sound Havens can vary in size and scope from small operative cabins in production zones with enhanced viewing windows, to larger respite break areas adjacent to production zones. Solutions can be built in modular form on site or brought in as assembled units. They offer enclosed respite or operations areas for employees, helping reduce their exposure to high noise levels and achieve compliance with Noise at Work 2005 regulations.


Acoustic enclosures, barriers or screens cannot always be used to contain noise at source in some factory or production environments. The advantage of a Sound Haven is that it can be customized to suit the needs of the industrial environment and the personnel. By locating the Sound Haven in an area distanced or elevated from the noise source, aside from the acoustic benefits, it also enables facility expansion and greater flexible machinery access and maintenance.



Alternatively Sound Havens can be designed in built in acoustic specification which enables them to be placed directly adjacent to key production areas if that’s a client requirement and facility need. Sound Havens can be completely isolated from structural borne noise of heavy press machinery and similar high impact noise sources.


Sound Havens provide a perfect environment for acoustically isolated control rooms with full ventilation and temperature control whilst maintaining acoustic integrity. If required, they can also be subdivided to provide multiple workspaces. Matched acoustic vision panels between workspaces or onto the production facility enable staff to visually monitor the production plant and/or manufacturing equipment within, enhancing safety and management control.


Wiltech Acoustics appreciates that the complexities of factory noise control and industrial acoustics can be challenging. That’s why we have a full team of professional sales engineers and acousticians, working alongside design and manufacturing teams, to provide you with a full turnkey service for factory noise control as a single solution provider.


You can see more of our Factory Noise Control solutions by following the link and view the interactive illustration


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