Our New Equipment

Our Facility

Any manufacturing facility is only as good as its staff and its equipment and at Wiltech Acoustics we pride ourselves on both. We currently have approximately 50,000 sq foot of manufacturing facilities across two sites utilising an array of modern manufacturing equipment. We can accommodate volume production and consistent flow of acoustic enclosure systems and associated noise control products to meet the needs of even the largest clients.

Laser Cutting and Folding

We have a new laser cutter, a Bystronic Bysprint Fiber 4020 laser cutter with up to 12 kilowatts of laser power. Our new machine is designed for automation and automatically loads and unloads sheet steel up to 4000mm long x 2000mm wide.

Our new machine has accelerated our laser cutting process with the increase in power, has comparatively low operating costs and a much lower maintenance effort, which is all perfect for our production of products containing a broad spectrum of thin to medium sheet thicknesses all speedily cut and ready for processing.

We have also invested in a Bystronic Xact smart 225 folding machine with the capability of folding sheets at a maximum of 4000 mm in length and with 225 US tons pressing capacity. The bending process is controlled conveniently through an interactive touch screen with a full range of smart pre-programmed selections to help operators make the best choices for every processing situation. Smart sensors within the machine guarantee the precision and consistency of the bend allowing us to produce even better results for our customers whilst operating faster and more efficiently than ever before.


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