OEM Industrial Equipment – Noise Control Solutions

Industrial fans, pumps and compressors are often essential equipment for many industrial and manufacturing facilities. Typically when installed and fully functioning, they will meet all specification requirements with one major drawback – the noise they generate whilst operating. Just a single machine can create unsafe noise levels for employees and the subsequent need for noise mitigation planning. The need for a detailed and effective plan only increases with a typical facility utilizing multiple units of industrial equipment.


All environmental, health and safety, aesthetic and noise level requirements need to be determined at the assessment stage of any project. Additionally access needs for maintenance or overhaul should be incorporated into the design with acoustically matched doors or removable panels part of any initial design and installation.


Original Equipment Manufacturers of industrial machinery often take the proactive route to noise control of their equipment. Some OEM’s allow the end user or customer to undertake the noise control assessment and implement the solutions with a noise control product manufacturer. This misses a key opportunity to deliver a wider packaged solution, increase revenue, enhance custom relationships and perceived value. The more proactive organisations supply an acoustic packaged solution for turnkey implementation with the customer.


With many specific requirements that will vary from project to project any company would therefore benefit by partnering with an experienced supplier of OEM noise control solutions to meet and even exceed end customer expectations. Adding value to the relationship throughout the supply chain will typically help secure long term partnerships.


A full acoustic enclosure often represents the most efficient solution to industrial equipment noise control – mitigation at source. Available either as a modular build or a one-piece drop-over unit and this initial basic design works for a wide range of industrial products. To meet the acoustic specification while maintaining equipment performance, consideration should be given to acoustically treated ventilation and cooling, alongside safety and control systems, integration of mechanical and electrical systems and other inputs/outputs.



End-End In House Solution


Wiltech Acoustics typically provides a turnkey in-house solution – investment in acoustic laboratory test facilities enables the creation, adaptation and variation of products to known performance levels. Facilities including anechoic chambers, transmission suites, reverberation rooms and impedance tubes provide strong performance data and ensure a commitment to guarantee delivery to OEM specifications.

Any research and development capability needs to be combined with investment in modern manufacturing facilities and equipment to successfully supply repeat volumes of enclosure solutions for OEM equipment. Hodgson’s adoption of lean manufacturing, laser cutting material conversion and approximately 50,000sq ft of production facility ensures the effective and consistent delivery of OEM noise control solutions.




A long-term partnership is essential to create confidence, from understanding the client’s initial needs and requirements to providing responsive and effective after-sales support. Designs and specifications often require adaptation and evolve during the early stages of a noise control solution project. A customer focused approach delivers an effective team solution – a close working integration between the two organisations is vital. This ensures projects are delivered effectively for all parties and can produce a profitable additional revenue stream for the OEM while enhancing their reputation.

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