News round-up: our top stories to wrap up 2022

At Wiltech Acoustics we engineer, manufacture and install high-quality noise control solutions for industrial and power applications. And so we like to keep across the latest developments in those areas — as well as the big sound-related news.

Here are some of the most notable stories of the past month — including whether nuclear fusion could be a viable source of clean energy in the near future, what kind of power stations might pop up on Mars, and a report that’s no doubt music to dogs’ sensitive ears.


Is nuclear fusion the future of energy?

In what was billed as one of the most significant clean energy breakthroughs in recent history, a U.S. lab has successfully sparked a fusion reaction that released more energy than went into it. But, according to The Observer’s science editor Robin McKee, we shouldn’t get too excited. While “a key step has been taken towards commercial fusion power,” he believes “it would be highly irresponsible to rely on an energy source that will take at least a further two decades to materialise – at best.”


Mars exploration could be powered by wind turbines

NASA researchers believe that high winds near the poles on Mars could power wind turbines, providing enough energy for a group of six people to live and work on the red planet all year round. This begs the question, could HAC soon be engineering noise control solutions for power stations on other planets?


How Amazon is turning Hollywood green

Amazon Studios are paving the way for greener TV and film productions by swapping out polluting diesel generators for portable batteries. Generators are vital pieces of kit on any film set, powering cameras, lights, monitors, catering trucks and make-up trailers. And, according to Amazon Originals boss Glenn Gainor, the company’s move sets an example to others in Hollywood. “Small changes can have an immediate and significant environmental impact,” he said.


Could Iceland become the world’s data centre capital?

With its naturally cold temperatures, sustainable energy mix and low electricity prices, could Iceland be on the verge of becoming a world leader in the data centre industry? According to this article by Engineering & Technology, the Nordic island “has pitched itself as providing the most sustainable and cost-efficient data centres in the world.”


Dogs need noise protection too!

At Wiltech Acoustics, we engineer noise control solutions to mitigate the effects of sound across a whole range of industries. And while we’re often focused on the health and safety of humans, a new report emphasises the importance of protecting dogs’ hearing too. After all, their ears are far more sensitive than ours!



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