Kohler, leading the way in environmentally-friendly diesel engines

Diesel engines don’t have the best environmental reputation, but Kohler Power Systems EMEA have been working on developments to change that..

The company has made huge strides in reducing the environmental impact of diesel engines both in the field, and in research and production processes.

One of the key ways Kohler is achieving this is through the use of HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) fuels. HVO is a renewable, bio-based diesel fuel that offers a number of benefits over traditional fossil diesel.

For starters, HVO produces significantly fewer CO2 emissions than fossil diesel. In fact, by running HVO during production testing, Kohler has been able to convert away from using approximately 325,000 litres of diesel per year, which would have output 750 tonnes of CO2 emissions. That’s a reduction of approximately 50% in one go!

But that’s not all. HVO also produces less NOx and particulate output than fossil diesel. This not only helps to reduce overall plant facility emissions but also helps to improve air quality in the surrounding area.

One of the biggest advantages of HVO is its stability. Unlike fossil diesel, HVO has no sensitivity to oxidation, which means it can be stored long-term without any issues. This is especially useful for Kohler, as the company conducts long-duration tests on its generators, which use large amounts of fuel.

To ensure a steady supply of HVO, Kohler has reached an agreement with a major provider, which keeps large amounts at a storage depot near their site in the French city of Brest. This ensures the company achieves reliable test results, even if fuel has been in a tank for several months.

Another important aspect of HVO is that it is sourced entirely from waste products, such as used cooking oil. This makes it a more sustainable fuel option than fossil diesel.

According to Kohler, the shift to HVO on the site should create 78% lower emissions than it would have done using fossil diesel. And the good news is that the transition was quick and easy, and no modifications to previously installed generators were required.

As a manufacturer of engines and complete power systems, including generators, switchgear and monitoring controls, Kohler is leading the way in developing and testing more environmentally-friendly diesel engines. The use of HVO fuels is a major step in the right direction and one that is sure to have a positive impact on the environment and communities in the long run.



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