Kohler Engines approves the use of HVO for their Diesel Products

Kohler Engines are making great strides in their commitment to lessen the environmental impact of their engines. The company recently approved the use of the alternative fuel, Hydrotreated Vegetable Oils, or HVOs, for all its diesel engines.

This renewable paraffinic fuel also known as “synthetic diesel” and “renewable diesel”, can be used as a pure or blend with conventional diesel. Derived from food waste products and vegetable oils, HVO is one of the cleanest fuels around. Unlike first generation biofuels, HVO does not use agricultural resources or contribute to deforestation and its anti-microbial quality means the storage lifetime is ten times longer.

Depending on the raw material used in HVO production, it can achieve a reduction in overall CO2 emissions of up to 90%. Furthermore, when compared to most diesel fuels, HVO has an extremely low sulfur content and its use leads to lower vehicle exhaust emissions.

Kohler’s engineering team approved the use of the alternative fuel, after a grueling laboratory and on-field testing process. With no modification to the engines required, the switch to this environmentally friendly fuel can be implemented immediately – which is great news to Kohler’s customers who may be looking at ways to reduce their own carbon footprint.

With government plans to decarbonise the UK power systems by 2035, HVO is just one of the steps Kohler has taken to achieve this target. The company’s sustainability mission also depends on tracking their energy and water use, greenhouse gas emissions, and landfill waste.

We are proud to be working with an innovative customer in Kohler, who are leading developments in diesel power efficiency and emissions.


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