How to Design a Pump Noise Control Solution?

Controlling noise levels in industry is a constant concern to protect employees and create as safe a working environment as possible. Industrial pumps have a noise level of approximately 110dB(A) but to comply with the Noise at Work Regulations a reduction to 75dB(A) at a 1-meter distance is required.


There are typically a number of elements which collectively make an effective noise control solution. Vibration isolation mounts help control the structural borne noise created by the high-powered motor and resonances through the enclosure. A custom acoustic structure designed for the specific pump in terms of size and noise output, is constructed using acoustic wall and roof panels to form a modular enclosure. Acoustic doors and windows to provide access for maintenance and observation purposes. Further access for repairs or replacement can be added with large removable panels and access hatches, without detriment to the acoustic integrity of the structure. All the internal surfaces should be absorptive to control any reverberation build-up, which in-turn prevents the opportunity for the source noise level to increase leading to a higher than anticipated external noise level.


Ventilation and safety systems are an essential part of the pump system and should be effectively incorporated within the acoustic enclosure design. The ventilation system is vital to effective operational performance of the pump – it provides airflow through the enclosure to cool the pump-set, maintaining optimum operating temperature through acoustically treated duct silencers and extractor fans. The incorporated safety systems include task and emergency lighting and fire suppression systems – again with detailed integration into the acoustic enclosure and fed back to the mast control panel.


The complete enclosure should be tested and certified to BS EN ISO 11546-2:2009 ensuring when the pump-set is operational, it will achieve 75dB(A) @ 1 meter as specified. There are a number of factors to consider when enclosing a pump noise source that have both operational performance and safety implications – all these elements need to work in synergy, requiring in-depth engineering and acoustics knowledge to guarantee a quality performance standard.


Hodgson Acoustics is vastly experienced in pump noise control enclosures for all kinds of noise source equipment including pumps, compressors, fans, generators and other heavy machinery. Please read more on how we can help support your noise control equipment requirements.


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