Wiltech Acoustics Celebrating Valued Member of Staff


This month we are celebrating one of our long-standing members of the team, Steve Delaney.

Joining H&H Group in 2014, which formed into Wiltech Acoustics in 2023, Steve brought with him an extensive background in noise and vibration from the off-highway sector; including significant time with noise and vibration company TMAT, now part of the Blachford Acoustics Group.

Progressing from helping with a factory move whilst still at college, onwards to the cut and fold fabrication department, and then into purchasing and finally sales to the industrial and power markets – Steve has served time in all areas throughout his career.

Steve’s power generation noise control experience covers many interesting projects and markets, including hospitals, two British Antarctic Survey bases on the South Pole, military, banks, pharmaceutical and data centres. Steve’s IOA Diploma qualification ensures this commitment to learning and data driven approach to airflow and acoustic calculations. It is this technical insight which has helped create and support configuration and specification tools, which have been continuously developed and are part of the system used by Wiltech Acoustics today.

Steve is very active in his spare time, with support from Wiltech Acoustics – he is a member of his local Rotary Club, which has been provided with storage space from Wiltech Acoustics to provide charitable Home Starter Boxes and Furniture Project. He is also a keen calligrapher, which has led to him being an Exhibitions Officer and former Chairman for the Leicestershire Calligraphers group and a part-time tutor having run Classes at Peterborough Adult Ed College for several years. His calligraphy projects include various Freedom of the City Scrolls, for Leicestershire, a Rutland Police Roll of Honour, WW1 & WW2 memorials as well as more lighted personal pieces.





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