Energy Storage: Why Is It Such A Hot Topic In 2023?

As we venture into 2023, energy storage takes centre stage in conversations about the global energy landscape. With the ongoing energy crisis sparked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the increasing focus on renewable energy sources, efficient energy storage solutions have become essential.

At Wiltech Acoustics, we provide noise control and environmental protection for industrial and power applications and so fully understand the significance of this technology.

In this article, we explore why energy storage has emerged as a critical topic and how it’s transforming the way we approach energy management amidst challenging circumstances.


The European Energy Crisis

The Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 has had far-reaching consequences for global energy markets, including price volatility, supply shortages, and security issues. Europe has been particularly affected, exposing the continent’s dependence on fossil fuels and leading to a surge in energy prices for consumers and industries. This situation has prompted policymakers to explore new strategies to improve energy security and affordability while maintaining their commitment to decarbonisation targets. One of the most promising solutions lies in the rapid acceleration of renewable energy sources like solar and wind power.

How Energy Storage Supports the Switch to Renewables

Renewable energy offers numerous benefits, such as reduced carbon emissions and long-term affordability, but integrating these sources into the energy mix presents several challenges. For example, renewable energy sources are often intermittent, meaning they don’t produce energy consistently. This inconsistency can lead to supply-demand imbalances, which can cause grid instability and increased energy costs.

Energy storage systems can help mitigate these challenges by storing excess energy when renewable sources are producing more than required and releasing it when demand exceeds supply. This process helps maintain grid stability, ensuring a consistent and reliable energy supply for consumers.

What’s more, energy storage can also help reduce reliance on fossil fuels, which enhances energy security, affordability, and environmental sustainability. By smoothing out the fluctuations in renewable energy generation, storage solutions can help make these sources more viable and attractive for widespread adoption.

Energy Storage Innovation

The versatility of energy storage technology has led to several innovative applications that further enhance its value in the energy sector. For instance, energy storage can be used as Storage-as-a-Transmission-Asset (SATA), providing additional benefits to grid infrastructure. In Lithuania, a 200 MW energy storage project is helping to disconnect the Baltic states from the Russian power grid and synchronise them with the continental European grid. This project highlights the potential of energy storage to improve regional energy security.

In Germany, a 250 MW energy storage system called a “grid booster” is being built to increase the utilisation of transmission lines and reduce grid congestion. This innovative concept will help integrate more renewable energy into the grid while minimising the curtailment of renewables due to congestion.


Energy Storage in the Future

As we navigate a more complex and challenging energy future, energy storage is expected to play a critical role in meeting decarbonisation goals.

S&P Global Commodity Insights predicts that more than 110 GW of energy storage will be deployed in Europe (including non-EU countries) from 2023-2030. This rapid growth shows the increasing recognition of energy storage’s value in addressing the energy trilemma — in other words, the challenge of balancing energy security, energy equity, and environmental sustainability — in a post-Ukraine invasion world.


At Wiltech Acoustics, we’re committed to engineering, manufacturing, and installing high-quality noise control solutions for industrial and power applications. As the energy landscape evolves in response to global crises, we will continue to innovate and adapt to support a sustainable and secure energy future.

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