Data Centre, Power and Industrial News, November 2022

Here’s a look at some of the biggest stories from across the data centre, power generation and industrial sectors over the past month, including an encouraging development in making diesel engines more sustainable, the latest on the cloud industry’s net zero ambitions, and how Amazon Web Services plan to become more water efficient…


Airtrunk’s sustainable plan for Microsoft data centres

Airtrunk, the company that designs and builds some of the largest data centres in the Asia-Pacific region, has announced a plan to power Microsoft’s facilities using renewable energy from landfill gas, in a first-of-its-kind agreement with CLP Power.


Green engine breakthrough for industrial trucks

Engineers at UNSW Sydney have successfully converted a diesel engine to run on 90% hydrogen in a development that could reduce the CO2 emissions of trucks and power equipment in the transportation, agriculture and mining industries. Each retrofit is said to take less than a couple of months.


Batteries are a cool solution

One of the biggest challenges faced by data centres is how to keep server rooms cool in order to avoid outages. But according to one industry expert, battery chemistry could be the key to building equipment that can withstand high temperatures with the benefit of reducing energy consumption — and costs.


Is the data centre industry meeting its green targets?

The data centre industry has pledged to go net zero by 2030. But, given that the sector uses as much energy as the aviation industry how realistic are those goals? This month, Information Age spoke to data centre experts about what they’re doing to boost the sustainability credentials of their facilities.


Amazon’s water pledge

Amazon has announced a new initiative to reduce the amount of water it uses to cool its AWS data centres and says it intends to be water-positive by 2030, going some way to mitigate the drought problems caused by rising global temperatures.


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