Data Centre News, October 2022

Here’s a round up of some of the biggest data centre news stories from the past month…

When was the last time you checked your back-up generator?

Given the global energy crisis and talk of widespread blackouts this winter, it’s never been more important for data centre businesses to check their back-up generators are in good working order. But, according to Data Centre & Network News, many companies aren’t following UPS testing best practice.

Microsoft eyes alternate energy sources

In other energy news, Microsoft this month announced that they’ve taken a step towards the de-carbonisation of their business with a successful test of a hydrogen fuel cell that could provide back up power to its data centres. It’s been described as a ‘moon-landing moment’ for the industry.

The spiralling cost of new data centre builds

Thanks to the rollout of 5G and more companies migrating to cloud-based systems, there’s massive demand for new data centres — they can’t build them quick enough. But according to research by consultants Turner & Townsend, that’s not helped by global construction material shortages, rising labour costs, and competition from other large-scale manufacturing projects.

Cool new development by Castrol

Air conditioning costs are a significant line in any data centre business’s budget. But Castrol’s plans to build a new cutting-edge immersion cooling test plant in Berkshire could help to slash those costs in future, providing a more efficient — and greener — way of bringing the temperature of equipment down.

The carbon-free future of data centres

Data Cente & Network News have explored the many ways data centre businesses are looking to cut their carbon footprints. These include alternatives to diesel for fuelling backup generators (hydrotreated vegetable oil and hydrogen are two greener solutions) and a switch to microgrid systems, which use a combination of different power sources.


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