Acoustic Enclosures for Industrial Equipment

Controlling the noise generated by industrial plants and their equipment is incredibly challenging, through reflections, reverberation and resonances – typically large open plan manufacturing environments can actually increase actual and perceived noise levels from the original source. These factors are essential to consider when designing noise control solutions whilst also conforming to all statutory regulations, community relations, planning applications and worker health and safety.


As with any challenge there are multiple approaches but the most effective way to reduce industrial equipment noise levels is directly at the source with an acoustic enclosure or canopy. This offers a great level of flexibility as the acoustic enclosure can be designed and constructed specifically to fit the size and acoustic specification of the noise source, such as an industrial pump, fan or compressor, while offering personnel and maintenance access, integrated safety systems and operational controls.



Our in-house engineering teams use several approaches to develop the noise mitigation plan and ensure the final packaged solution and any required integrations work together as a fully combined system. We use CFD Design for aero and thermodynamic elements with CadnaA noise prediction software to help us calculate, assess and model environmental noise from the source. Structural steel analysis is to Eurocode standards guaranteeing structural integrity and we also consider ATEX requirements if appropriate.


Our solution is typically a modular build either constructed around the equipment or alternatively available as a one-piece drop-over unit – animation below. For larger installations a full structural steel build with infill acoustic panels allows for the combined lift of the entire OEM equipment and enclosure solution together.


The structure, panel specification and build sequence of the acoustic enclosure is designed to suit your equipment and noise control requirements. This includes provision for an attenuated ventilation system, ensuring that encased equipment continues to operate at the specified temperature and performance unhindered. Additionally acoustic doors and windows, louvres and access panels are all matched in acoustic performance. Finally task, emergency lighting and fire suppression systems are also incorporated for the safety of all personnel.


Wiltech Acoustics is a leader in the field of industrial noise control solutions. Through our 130-year heritage we have an in-depth understanding of how noise is generated and transmitted, and a constantly updated knowledge of regulations and working practices. This enables us to design, manufacture and integrate value engineered solutions that work first time and for the lifetime of your products. We look forward to discussing any acoustic enclosure requirements you may have for your industrial equipment noise sources.



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