5 reasons why your employees need a hearing test

In the UK, businesses are legally required to arrange hearing tests for staff whose health is at risk because of exposure to noise over 85 decibels.

Clearly, that means that if your workplace is a particularly loud environment — for example, if there’s heavy industrial machinery in operation — you should regularly monitor noise levels.

But even if you’re under the threshold, it’s still advisable to establish a program of hearing surveillance for your employees. Here’s why…


1. It’s not just the company that’s liable

The UK Health & Safety Executive will take action against managers and directors of businesses that are non-compliant with the regulations — as well as the company itself. Just in case you needed an additional incentive to follow the relevant legislation.


2. Difficulty hearing can be an occupational risk

If one or more of your employees has trouble hearing, it can put them at greater risk from other dangers; on a construction site, for example, they may not be able to hear heavy machinery approaching.

By testing their hearing on a regular basis, your business will have a greater understanding of each staff member’s personal risk profile.


3. It shows you value your staff

It’s all very well talking about how your employees are the most important asset for your business. But it means very little if you aren’t taking proactive measures to ensure their safety. Arranging hearing tests is a small but important way of reassuring your team that you’re a responsible organisation working in their best interests.


4. Our hearing changes

Your ability to hear isn’t static — it changes over time depending on biological and environmental factors. That’s why it’s important for businesses to arrange annual hearing tests for staff who may be at risk of noise damage.


5. It can diagnose an underlying health condition

Hearing loss can be caused by ageing. But it’s also brought on by health conditions such as type-two diabetes and high blood pressure. Because of this, many patients who go for hearing tests discover conditions that they never knew they had, and as a result, get the medical support they need sooner than they otherwise would.


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