Gas Turbine Noise Control

Gas turbines utilised as a power generation system, often packaged for cogeneration or CHP facilities, are a very efficient method of producing power and heat through a single fuel source. Wiltech Acoustics is able to design and develop a complete acoustic and aerodynamic packaged solution for gas turbines from filter to exhaust. With many years of experience in the power sector, our resources enable us to work multi-faceted on engineering, sales, technical development and manufacturing of gas turbine packages.

Engineering Development

Our interactive image below shows a complete solution to meet a typical acoustic and aerodynamic specification for a 60Mw Gas Turbine. As with any packaged noise control solution there are a broad number of elements to consider which interact with one another – this is enhanced with gas turbine noise control when considering the requirements for ventilation and filtration.

We begin the design development with full acoustic and aerodynamic calculations, using a range of software simulation tools such as CadnaA noise mapping, CFD and FEA on all materials and structures. 3D modelling enables us to assess and calculate physical specifications, clash detection and practical considerations relating to the ongoing operation and maintenance requirements of the turbine and other components. Our mix of in-house and sub-contract manufacturing solutions enable us to package a cost effective turnkey solution delivered with full acoustic and aerodynamic commissioning on site.

The final package typically considers;

  • Acoustic Enclosure
  • Filtration – Intake
  • Attenuators – Combustion & Enclosure Intake
  • Exhaust Silencers
  • Balance of Plant – ducting, structural steel, platforms, fans, flex, dampers etc.


Gas Turbine - Typical Solution

Standard Acoustic Package

Low Temperature Package

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